Private Professional Fiduciaries

FRES understands the challenges of the Private Professional Fiduciary (PPF). The PPF Client is often thrust into volatile situations where both the beneficiaries and the Court are scrutinizing the actions of the PPF. FRES draws from its extensive experience representing the PPF to reduce the stress of the PPF when selling the real property. FRES has tailored the transaction to protect the PPF, including:

  • Customized language to ensure the PPF may seek Court Approval of a sale in the event a beneficiary objects;

  • Sufficient escrow period for providing a Notice of Proposed Action;

  • Aggressive marketing to ensure the Inventory & Appraisal price is met or exceeded; and

  • Coordination and communication to keep the estate attorney in the communication loop.

FRES speaks your language. FRES works diligently and holds frequent open houses for both buyers and brokers. Professional marketing materials are prepared and distributed. FRES takes meaningful efforts ensure the highest and best price is realized for the property. FRES never just places the property on the market and advises the PPF to take the first offer. FRES works to ensure the property is exposed to the market so that multiple offers are presented. These efforts give the PPF Client the confidence to accept an offer, realizing that significant efforts have been made by FRES to procure the highest and best offer the market will bear.

Receivers/ Bankruptcy Trustees

We assist you in fulfilling your duties as a court-appointed officer by assisting you in the preservation of the asset. We focus on:

  • Minimizing and stabilizing the asset’s physical and financial vulnerabilities as they pertain to the real property asset;

  • Assisting you in the analysis of current physical and financial conditions as they pertain to the real property asset;

  • Providing recommendations to manage an ongoing concern;

  • Providing transitional property management until the real property asset’s disposition is determined; and

  • Preparing for sale and marketing the property aggressively.

Personal Representatives

If you are a first time Trustee/Executor/Administrator of an Estate, you are likely overwhelmed dealing with the death of a loved one and having to handle complex matters for which you are responsible. Selecting the wrong real estate agent may slow the process and expose the estate to liability. Professional Trustees/Executors/Administrators trust FRES to act as their agent to sell real properties in estates for which they are responsible. Likewise, FRES offers its services to first time estate representatives with the same high level of professionalism, so you can be confident you have done your due diligence when selling the estate real property. FRES has represented Clients residing across the United States and the world.

As a first time estate representative, you have your own life to attend to as well that of the estate. The estate real property may be a distance from your residence. FRES strives to relieve your tasks in readying the real property in anticipation of its sale. Contact FRES to assist you in the following:

  • Minimizing the property’s vulnerability

  • Arranging appraisals of real and personal property

  • Date of Death Valuation and Rental Analyses

  • Risk assessment and evaluation of property conditions

  • Transitional Property Management

  • Arranging property improvements and enhancements

  • High internet presence, including email blasts and property inclusion in major websites

  • Frequent open houses

  • Frequent targeted advertising

  • Broker previews

  • Professional flyers ALWAYS on-hand at the property

  • Targeted aggressive marketing to potential buyers

  • Coordinating lock changes

  • Coordinating improvements to ready the property for sale

  • Coordinating packing and clean outs

  • And many other services

FRES does not simply list the property and wait for an offer. We manage the property and provide services to ensure the household is packed and the residence readied for sale. This frees the demands on the personal representative. Once readied for sale, we market the property aggressively to ensure the Trust or Estate gets the best price, thus bringing greater benefit to the beneficiaries.

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