Aggressive Marketing

FRES is a recognized industry leader in marketing and is the recipient of many awards. Utilizing a strenuous and thorough approach to marketing each property, our Clients are confident when they accept an offer that it is the highest price the market will bear.

FRES begins with state-of-the-art analysis of the property and the area. We subscribe to multiple, high end, databases which provide comprehensive current and past market trends. We take the time to analyze this data and compile comprehensive Market Activity Summaries. The real estate market is dynamic and complex. FRES gathers the information to ensure our Clients have the knowledge to sell a property with confidence.

Professional and vigorous marketing, including:

  • Extensive online exposure;

  • Press releases and email blasts to announce listing;

  • Professional photography and videography;

  • Marketing materials translated into Mandarin and Korean;

  • Direct contact with database of prospective buyers;

  • Top of the line glossy, printed material;

  • Gourmet catered Broker’s Previews;

  • Weekly Open Houses;

  • Opens Houses held after the acceptance of an offer to encourage overbidders at time of hearing; and

  • Generous advertising budget.

We do not pressure our Clients to accept an offer in order to achieve a “quick” commission. Our offerings are aggressively marketed to achieve maximum exposure. Once multiple offers are obtained, FRES compiles an Offer Analysis Report which provides our Clients with a comprehensive, comparative analysis of each offer. Our process provides the requisite time to obtain multiple offers and gives our Clients the opportunity to carefully consider each offer.

Hear what others are saying about FRES:

…makes my job a little easier…

"As a Private Professional Fiduciary, I rely on Ruben to assist me in doing my job. In him, I have a person by my side that watches out for my best interests and will undertake any task to make my job easier. Whether it is listing a property, serving an eviction notice, purchasing appliances for a property, conferring with contractors, I trust Ruben to have the expertise and knowledge to assist and advise me. Ruben doesn’t just list the property and wait for an offer; Ruben works with me to assist in anyway he can to make my job a little easier.” – SC, Private Professional Fiduciary

…you had everything under control…

“Thank you so much for all you did to sell [the property] and keep us somewhat sane during the escrow period. It was reassuring to know that you had things under control, even when we didn’t.” - CD, Personal Representative

…because of Ruben’s sensitivity…

“I so much appreciate Ruben Martinez's compassion in selling my aunt's home. The house was my brother's refuge while living in a drug-altered reality, and he felt entitled to live there forever. Ruben acted as a buffer between the legal reality of probate and the anger and paranoia experienced by my brother. Because of Ruben's sensitivity to our situation, my brother and I may continue to have a relationship - something that I never thought would be possible when the house first went up for sale.” - LR, Personal Representative

…a jewel of a resource…

“I almost never do testimonials. But I will gladly do one for you. You have proven to be one of the rare people who is clever, creative and able to contend with problems outside of a narrowly defined expertise. As such, I count you as a jewel of a resource for real estate and many other things I just don't know what to do with. Thank you for listening to my Client related problems. I was very pleased that you listened and astonished that you offered reasonable responses.” - Fred Isaacs PHD, MFT, LCPF

…it is a genuine pleasure to work with you…

“You appear to have done a remarkable job in moving this property…. I want you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism in raising this issue to our Client’s attention. Many realtors would only be interested in the quick sale and would not be so thorough and thoughtful or even aware of the [issue you raised]. It is a genuine pleasure to work with you.” - CB, Attorney, Newport Beach.

…your professionalism and work ethic…

"It was a pleasure working with you. Your professionalism and work ethic made this a smooth transaction for our Client and we look forward to working again in the very near future with you." DH and DW, Real Estate Agents

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